From Laboratory and Absolute, from the emphasis on technological expertise to the use of nature's finest ingredients, works of olfactive beauty are born. Two fundamental aspects of the art of perfumery blended together through deep family roots that have been creating perfumes for three generations. 

Double victory for LabSolue's 214 LEGNO DI PEPE

The Accademia del Profumo Award chooses LabSolue 214 Legno di Pepe (Pepper wood) as the winner of the 2023 edition, both as Best Artistic Perfume from an Independent Brand and as Best Home Fragrance.

The essence was created by Pier Guéros who took inspiration from the Pepper Tree in all of its olfactory aspects, from a dark and vibrant spice and from its warm and captivating wood. Integrity, strength and a touch of darkness that attracts, unmistakably magnetic.
An Essence characterized by the intriguing Black Pepper Absolute, intertwined with the sensual Benzoin Absolute and the creamy Sandalwood Absolute.

- Olfactory family: Woods

- Specification: Woody, Spicy and Amber

- Olfactory Pyramid: Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood, Benzoin

The Art of Perfumery

from Extraction to Creation

In the new episode of X-Style, the story of our latest Exclusive Olfactive Jouney dedicated to the Art of Perfumery. From extraction to creation, transforming the gifts of nature into olfactory experiences: this is how perfumes are born.


Discovering how from the fusion between technological expertise and nature’s finest ingredients, works of Olfactive Beauty are born.

Essences created by Master Perfumers

world-famous Noses who are the artists of the international perfume industry. LabSolue's perfumers are real experts in the creation of perfumes: they can create the perfect combination of natural essences and chemical interactions capable of arousing and evoking a particular emotion.

The Olfactive Library

Through the union of science and perfumery, we create deep emotional and sensory connections between humans and nature in an intimate way that glorifies small daily moments.


All LabSolue products, hand-crafted in italy, are made with responsibly sourced, recycled or recyclable materials and are designed to be refillable and reusable.

LabSolue promotes social and environmental principles, aiming to advance wellbeing, limit waste, and carefully manage resources. All LabSolue products are hand-crafted in Italy, made with responsibly sourced, recycled and/or recyclable materials, and designed to be refillable and reusable over time.


Our olfactive journeys are made to make the discovery of the olfactive families even more exclusive: Fruits and Aromatics, Flowers, Woods and Resins.

They also offer the chance to deepen the knowledge of the art of perfumery, to discover the origins of raw materials, to explore the creativity and the techniques of our perfumers.

The scents are so divine that the Fruits, Flowers, and Woods transform the inner souls of the perfumed journey. Memories are meant to be made, savored, and remembered. LabSolue perfumes generate moods, moments, and emotions, each olfactive blend as unique as the next.

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