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LabSolue presents its olfactory celebration of Mentha Aquatica (Water Mint).

Desire for green, light, energy. For summer walks in the mountains, breathing in clear air and admiring the Alpine landscape. This fragrant herb prefers the sunny banks of pure water ponds, where it grows in crisp leaves and blooms in purple clusters, releasing a fresh, bright and vibrant scent. Its aromatic and aquatic qualities blend into a harmonious perfume, at the same time stimulating and soothing, distilled into precious drops.

An Essence dedicated to Water Mint Leaves and Flowers, characterized by Spearmint and Peppermint Essential Oils, combined with sunny Bergamot and with green Mate Absolute.

Curiority: the appellation Mentha derives from the Greek name Mintha of a unfortunate river nymph who was transformed into herb by Persephone. The genus Mentha comprises more than thirty species; the most popular are Spear Mint (Mentha Spicata), Pepper Mint (Mentha x Piperita), Water Mint (Mentha Aquatica), Wild Mint (Mentha Arvensis). Pepper Mint is a hybrid between Water Mint and Spear Mint.


Drops of Mint by Emilie Coppermann

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For every Eau de Parfum and Home Perfume purchased, we offer a complimentary LabSolue scented sample.


We offer a complimentary gift wrap and tag


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Olfactive family & pyramid
Olfactory Family:Fruits
Specification:Aromatic Citrus Musky

Notes:Spearmint, Peppermint, Bergamot, Mate Absolute

Natural Ingredients:Spearmint, Peppermint, Bergamot, Mate Absolute

Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. To confirm that a LabSolue product is suitable for your personal use, please consult the list of ingredients that is included on our product packaging.
Complimentary Gift Wrap
Complimentary gift wrap: Each LabSolue Eau de Parfum is presented in an elegant ivory white box, wrapped in a textured paper sleeve featuring heat-embossed decorations. The box is tied with a shiny colored satin ribbon and completed with our iconic LabSolue tag, customizable with a handwritten message to complete the gift.

A gift from us: For every Eau de Parfum purchased, we offer a complimentary LabSolue surprise scented sample. A little treat for perfume lovers with a curious nose.
Good to know
LabSolue 305 Mentha Aquatica (Water Mint) Eau de Parfum is handcrafted in Italy. For us, the Made in Italy is not only a choice of excellence, but also a commitment towards the community.

The fragrance is vegan, and gender free. For its formulation we exclusively select and use alcohol grain-derived from European sources. It does not contain artificial colorants, its color is solely due to the natural ingredients of the essence.

The fragrance is enclosed in a green glass bottle with a contemporary design, elegantly minimal - inspired by the original design of the Marvin perfume bottles - designed and made to last over time, refillable and recyclable. Equipped with a metallic pump that is easily screwed and unscrewed, which makes both the refill and recycling process possible and simple. The cap is made in Italy from a high-quality recyclable metal alloy. It features an engraving on the top with the historical Marvin brand symbol: a tiny alembic with the letter m. A detail that is a tribute to the origins and to the family history.

The packaging, including the external and internal parts, is made entirely of paper, to ensure simple and correct recycling. For the same reason, we have chosen not to protect the box with cellophane. The paper we use is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, to guarantee its origin from responsibly managed forests, and is recyclable.

All this to respect and promote the social and ecological needs of present and future generations.

LabSolue: from Laboratory and Absolute, two fundamental aspects to the art of perfumery blended to create olfactory beauty.

From the emphasis on expertise, to the use of Nature's finest ingredients, LabSolue Essences are born.

The Perfumer

Emilie Coppermann

Emilie Coppermann’s creations cultivate a signature at once delicate and full of surprises. There is a harmony within the choices she makes. Born in Paris to two hippie parents, her grandmother loved Chanel. She is inspired by the Parisian scents, but also far away destinations that she has frequented – Tanzania to Japan. She has been a master perfumer since 2016 and in 2019 received her second Fragrance Foundation award for Perfume Extraordinaire

“Smelling the rain, I love life”. Edmondo de Amicis

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