A Family Vision

All LabSolue products are handmade in Italy using sustainable materials and they are designed to be refillable and reusable.

Along with the values of high quality and craftsmanship, the Martone family has always been committed to supporting an authentic, honest and responsible lifestyle. LabSolue Perfume Laboratory creations are the synthesis of Italian craftsmanship and essential beauty, an expression of sustainable elegance.

Made in Italy is not only a choice of excellence, but also a commitment towards the community.
LabSolue is committed to promoting social and environmental principles, aiming to encourage wellbeing, to reduce waste and to carefully manage resources. All of our products are handmade in Italy, made out of responsibly sourced, recycled and/or recyclable materials, and designed to be reusable over time.

LabSolue's fragrances lovers can purchase their favorite Essence and refill their home diffusers infinitely. All of our diffuser bottles and candle jars are intended to be reused, for example as original flower vases, adding to the decor of the home long after the scent has run out. Every bottle has a screw neck to facilitate both refilling and recycling.

LabSolue trusts and follows the European Legislation, one of the strictest legislations of the world, which demands severe tests and inspections on every kind of cosmetic product before approving its sale. However, in line with its principles, LabSolue decided to give up on some ingredients that may cause concern even though they are legally allowed, especially parabens, TEOA/DEOA, silicones, aluminium, mineral oils, synthetic colorants and sulfates. Indeed, LabSolue incessantly evolves its formulas in order to replace controversial ingredients.

LabSolue respects the use of natural ingredients, it enhances their richness and their genuine qualities.

The symbol of the tree as a whole, from its roots to its leaves, represents the philosophy behind the creative work of LabSolue's perfumers. We don't produce soliflore fragrances - that is, perfumes that try to recreate the scent of a single raw material in an aseptic environment - we rather produce compositions starting from the plant and the territory the plant comes from. The predominant ingredient, that gives its name to each LabSolue Essence, is certainly recognizable, but it is in combination with other elements that it thrives.

The alcohol that we select and use both for our eaux de parfum and for our home fragrances derives from wheat of European origin only.

The reeds used to diffuse the Essences are made of natural and untreated rattan.

Our candles are hand-poured in Italy, their wax does not contain any artificial colourant so their color is the result of the natural ingredients contained inside. The braided wick is made of pure and untreated cotton, with no metal core.

Each box and all the packaging materials are recyclable and have a FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council) which attests that they come from forests that are responsibly managed with an eye toward the social, economic and ecological needs of the present and future generations.

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