The Essences
Made to be Free and Enjoyed


LabSolue has no limits; no rules, no gender, no right or wrong, no prejudices. What matters is the emotion. LabSolue Essences are made to be free and enjoyed in their various forms: whether as a personal perfume, a candle, or a home diffuser. They can accompany you throughout your journey, day and night, or be there to welcome you as you enter wherever you call home.

from Laboratory and Absolute

LabSolue’s foundation is built on Laboratory and Absolute. The Absolute, derivative from the French word Absolue refers to a fragrant substance that is obtained by extraction from various parts of plants with volatile solvents; to obtain it, concretes are purified. Concretes effectively are a semisolid paste resulting from the primary extraction of fragrant principles from plant matter.

The tree is a constant, always the focus of inspiration and olfactory reference for LabSolue. Roots, trunk, resins, branches, leaves, flowers, fruits: the plant is considered in its totality and complexity when deciding to create a perfume. It is a process of glorification of its essence. But the tree is also the symbol that represents a family history, from grandfather’s perfume factory to today’s reality – successive generations who have passed on and sublimated the art of perfumery. Finally, the tree becomes a graphic sign to identify Magna Pars l’Hotel à Parfum, which stands on the site of the former perfume factory of the family.

LabSolue Essences are divided into three different olfactory groups which always return to the tree structure: Fruits and Aromatics, Flowers, Woods and Resins. Nature is an ever-present inspiration at LabSolue and both the Fruits and Aromatics and Flowers and Woods and Resins stem from the tree give relevance to the natural ingredients and the interjection of nature in the luxury atmosphere.

The Essences are emotions. The image of a Flower, the fragrant aroma of a Fruit, the hint of an aromatic Wood, and the sublime sweetness of their accords. The philosophy of harmony blending nature and the art of perfume-making are echoed throughout the entire collection.

LabSolue Essences were created by world-famous Noses who are the artists of the international perfume industry, perfume lovers and close friends of the Martone family.
Annick Menardo has created 8 Patchouli, Fabrice Pellegrin is the nose behind 9 Vetiver, 307 Rosmarino (Rosemary) and 309 Timo (Thyme). Maurice Roucel has realized both 204 Nespolo (Medlar) and 303 Ciliegio (Cherry Tree). Daphné Bugey is the creator of 19 Legno di Guaiaco (Guaiacwood), while Yann Vasnier has coceived 209 Styrax, 211 Olibanum, 215 Labdanum, 308 Santolina, 314 Cedro (Cedar Fruit) and the iconic 207 Liquidambar. 24 Zagara and 30 Robinia were imagined by Jacques Cavallier. 104 Gelso (Mulberry) has Sophie Labbé as the nose, while Alberto Morillas is behind 27 Abete Bianco (Silver Fir). Nathalie Lorson is the creator of 7 Sandalo (Sandalwood), 14 Angelica and 21 Gelsomino (Jasmine). Oliver Cresp has developed 12 Fresia (Freesia), 23 Neroli, 25 Fiore d’Arancio (Orange Blossom) and 306 Salvia Bianca. Aurélien Guichard is the nose for 304 Vaniglia (Vanilla) as well as for 34 Ylang Ylang. Emilie Copperman realized 305 Mentha Aquatica (Water Mint); Veronique Nyberg is the Perfumer behind 312 Petitgrain and 16 Oud was created by Luca Maffei.

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