The Eaux de Parfum

The collection of personal fragrances

The collection of personal fragrances
The Eaux de Parfum

Perfume is what remains when everything else passes away: LabSolue’s Eaux de Parfum to accompany you throughout the journey of life.

LabSolue Essences as Eaux de Parfum, are personal perfumes to accompany each person throughout the journey of life, day and night, body and soul. The Eaux de Parfum’s are not simple accessories or style details, but rather forms of art. The perfumes serve as ways of expression and a way to uplift. There is nothing better to suggest an emotion, evoke a memory, underline a presence, anticipate an arrival and prolong a departure. After all, perfume is what remains when everything else passes away.
The deep family roots continue throughout the collection of perfume. Three generations of perfume creators influence the tradition and heritage of the lines. The Master Perfumers have creative freedom and LabSolue walks hand in hand with them when generating a new perfume.
Wood and Resins Essences, reminiscent of the tree of family roots; Flowers to draw you in and Fruits and Aromatics for the surprising scents that combine the Mediterranean with the earthy.

the attention to details

LabSolue Eaux de Parfum comes as Natural Spray in size 120 ml and a portable 20 ml. They are enclosed in transparent glass bottles with a contemporary, elegantly minimal design - inspired by the original design of Marvin perfume bottles - designed and built to last over time, refillable and recyclable.
They come in four different glass colors according to the olfactive family of the Essence contained: green for Fruits and Aromatics, transparent for Flowers, amber for Woods and blue for Resins. All rigorously silk-screened on the back. With an easy to screw and unscrew metallic pump, which makes the process of recharging, reuse and recycling possible and simple. The cap is made from a high-quality recyclable metal alloy. It is made in Italy and has an engraving on the top with the historical Marvin brand symbol: a tiny alembic with the letter m. A detail that is a tribute to the origins and to the family history.
The final touch is a refined textured paper label, where there is a prevalence of ivory white with black texts, made with old artisan plates featuring heat-embossed decorations - in gold for Fruits, Aromatics and Resins, pink gold for Flowers and bronze for Woods.

LabSolue Eaux de Parfum also features a traditional amber-glass Dropper, in size 15 ml. A tribute to the old pharmacy Marvin.

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