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Iconic and Eco-Friendly
The Gifting Cases LabSolue
{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"Each LabSolue product is presented in an elegant ivory white paper box wrapped with a textured paper sleeve featuring heatembossed decorations - gold for Fruits, Aromatics and Resins, pink gold for Flowers and bronze for Woods. On the top of the box there is always a tiny alembic with the letter ‘m’, the historical Marvin brand symbol.\nLabSolue is committed to sustainable practices. Each box, including the outer and the inner parts, is completely made of paper -\nensuring for safe and proficient recycling. For this same reason, we have decided not to protect it with cellophane. All our carton\npackaging is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), to assure that it comes from forests that are responsibly managed.\nThis is in order to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of the present and future generations."}]}]}

For those looking for their own Essence, LabSolue has created the Discovery Kit- an elegant small box to customize with four
15 ml Dropper Eaux de Parfum to be selected among all sixty-eight, conceived to make the experience of exploring the Fruity,
Floral, and Woody Essences more exclusive.


Through the Gift Card, one can gift a personal Olfactive Journey in search of the favorite Essence. A surprise sent directly to your email inbox and can be easily used online. The perfect gift for those who love choosing their own fragrance.

La Grammatica dei Profumi Book

Elegant velvet-upholstered chairs are the final touch to the magical atmosphere of LabSolue. While waiting for the chosen Essence to be prepared, the perfume lover can enjoy and purchase one of the books from the small private library with volumes on the art of perfumes, including Giorgia Martone’s latest publication “La Grammatica dei Profumi”, today in its fifth edition, with emotion and pride for the whole family.


Halfway between a book and a notebook, a work designed for lovers of essences and writing. Contains historical insights, curiosities and anecdotes about the world of perfume and its "olfactory ingredients" to discover.

Wish. instinct. emotion.
the Olfactive Journey

The Olfactory Journeys are designed to make the olfactory experience even more exclusive by exploring the fragrances of Fruits and Aromatics, Flowers, Woods and Resins. They are also an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the art of essence making, discover the origins of the raw materials to understand their uniqueness and properties, explore the creativity and techniques of the Creator Noses. There are no limits, in LabSolue's vision: no gender, no rules, no right or wrong, no prejudice. Because what matters is everyone's emotion, their feelings. LabSolue Essences are a precious gift, created to be freely appreciated in their various declinations: as a personal perfume, as a scented candle or as an ambient perfume.

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