The collection of hand-made scented candles

The collection of hand-made scented candles

Labsolue scented candles are a product of italian craftsmanship. It is manufactured exclusively
and hand-crafted in italy.

LabSolue Essences as Scented Candles, to light up and scent the scene with simple beauty and olfactive style, delighting perfume lovers by candlelight. The candle collection remains true to the ethos of LabSolue and always places nature and the elegance of raw materials at the forefront.

A selection of LabSolue Essences exists as 200 g and soon also 85 g candles.

the attention to details

LabSolue Scented Candles are a product of Italian craftsmanship. They are manufactured exclusively and hand-crafted in Italy. Each candle requires meticulous work to balance the perfume concentrate with a high concentration of natural essences, blend of waxes, shape and size of glass container, diameter and weaving of cotton wick. All to ensure exceptional olfactory qualities and optimal burning.

Small imperfections, such as any irregularities in the surface or parts of contact between wax and container, differences or alterations in color and dots, are not attributable to a manufacturing defect but to the high concentration of natural essences and the particularity of non-industrial materials and manual processing. They constitute a specific intrinsic characteristic of Italian craftmanship.

Each candle container is made of glass in Italy, designed to last, reusable and recyclable. It comes in different colors according to the olfactive family of the Essence. Green is used for Fruits and Aromatics, while a transparent container is reserved for Flowers, and amber for Woods. The Resin candles are encapsulated in a blue glass container. All rigorously silk-screened on the back.

Of the sixty-eight LabSolue Essences, twelve currently exist as Candles. The Fruits and Aromatics candles are 103 Mirto (Myrtle), 202 Fico (Fig) 204 Nespolo (Medlar) and 314 Cedro (Cedar Fruit). 15 Lavanda (Lavender), 23 Neroli, 24 Zagara and 26 Frangipani are the Flower-scented candles while Woods offers 7 Sandalo (Sandalwood), 16 Oud, 19 Legno Di Guaiaco (Guaiacwood) and 27 Abete Bianco (Silver Fir) in candle format as well.

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