Perfume refills collection for our Home Fragrances and refill service offered in our Laboratories

La collezione di ricariche per diffusori d’ambiente & il servizio di ricarica

You can enjoy our in-store refill service in our stores in Milan and Rome.

All LabSolue perfumes are designed to be endlessly refillable.

Fragrance lovers can visit our perfume Laboratories in Milan and Rome where they will be able to refill any Eaux de Parfum from LabSolue. Your favourite Essence can be purchased not only in our stores, but also online so you will easily be able to refill your LabSolue
Home Fragrance at home - time and time again.

Our LabSolue refills come in 500ml amber glass bottles with a glass plug stopper.

Our bottles are designed to be easily refilled: LabSolue is committed to respecting the environment while lessening the impact of packagings on the environment.

l’attenzione al dettaglio

LabSolue Home Perfumes have a characteristic design inspired by the original Marvin brand.

Our amber glass diffusers allude to the apothecary jars that you could find in pharmacies in the '50s and '60s next to ceramic pharmacy vases. Available sizes are 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 L and they all come with ground glass stoppers made of amber glass.

The finishing touch is represented by our labels, made of white and ivory-coloured textured paper with black letters on it. The decorations are hot pressed and they are gold for Fruits, Aromatics and Resins, pink gold for Flowers and bronze for Woods.

Each LabSolue Home Perfume is designed to last, to be endlessly refillable, reusable and recyclable. To fully promote the brand's commitment towards the environment, our products come as empty glass diffusers with a glass plug stopper, a glass bottle full of refill and a set of reeds made of natural untreated rattan.

LabSolue Home Perfumes play an integral role at Magna Pars, the first Hotel à Parfum in the world. Here in Milan you can find our Laboratory where our Essences are preserved and bottled on the spot. Perfume lovers can enjoy our Fragrances all over the hotel and take inspiration for what will be their next signature Home Fragrance.

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