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LabSolue presents its olfactory celebration of Lilac.

The freshness of the green, the flexibility of the branches, the abundance of the flowering clusters, the soft and varied colour, lilac to be precise, but also pink and white, the ephemeral beauty, everything about this shrub recalls grace and harmony. Consecrated to the joy of youth, because nothing is more charming than its smell and appearance when spring blooms againg. It is said that even fairies loved being among Lilac Flowers, capable of purifying every place with their enchanting aroma. Delicately floral and musky, this perfume still enchants us. A union of lively and candid scents, which brings with it the promise of spring, and recalls the first heartbeat.

An Essence based on splendid Lilac Flowers, illuminated by a Solar Accord, and refined by the warmth of Musk.

Curiosity: the very fragrant Syringa Vulgaris, better known as Lilac, was widely used in the past also for ornamental, religious and healing purposes. Considered a flower of paradise, it perfumed the secret gardens of the harems. Its seeds were collected in rosaries to accompany the prayers of pilgrims in the Holy Land. Massage oil with decongestant and tonic properties was also obtained from the maceration of leaves and flowers.

Fairies' Perfume by Mathilde Bijaoui
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For every Eau de Parfum and Home Perfume purchased, we offer a complimentary LabSolue scented sample.


We offer a complimentary gift wrap and tag


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Olfactive family & pyramid
Olfactory Family: Flowers
Specification: Floral Musky Ambery

Notes: Lilac, Sunny Accord, Musk

Natural Ingredients: Lilac
Contains: One empty glass diffuser with glass cap, one glass refill full of perfume, one set of reeds.

Instructions: Open the refill and the diffuser. Pour all the perfume from the refill into the diffuser. Insert all the reeds in the diffuser. Turn them upside down every day or anytime you desire to increase the intensity of the diffusion. LabSolue diffuser is endlessly refillable.
Complimentary Gift Wrap
Complimentary gift wrap: Each LabSolue Home Perfume is presented in an elegant ivory white box, wrapped in a textured paper sleeve featuring heat-embossed decorations. The box is tied with a shiny colored satin ribbon and completed with our iconic LabSolue tag, customizable with a handwritten message to complete the gift.

A gift from us: For every Home Perfume purchased, we offer a complimentary LabSolue surprise scented sample. A little treat for perfume lovers with a curious nose.
Good to know
LabSolue 31 Lillà (Lilac) Home Perfume is handcrafted in Italy. For us, the Made in Italy is not only a choice of excellence, but also a commitment towards the community.

The fragrance is vegan, and gender free. For its formulation we exclusively select and use alcohol grain-derived from European sources. It does not contain artificial colorants, its color is solely due to the natural ingredients of the essence.

Each LabSolue diffuser is designed and made to last, endlessly refillable, reusable and recyclable. Its distinctive design, reminiscent of the old pharmacy, is a tribute to the historical apothecary brand Marvin. To fully promote the brands re-fill mantra, it comes as a empty diffuser, together with a refill full of perfume and a set of reeds. The diffuser can be closed again by using its frosted glass cap, to avoid fragrance diffusion while away from home for long time. Both the diffuser, its cap and the refill are made of amber glass and are recyclable. The reeds are made of natural untreated rattan.

The packaging, including the external and internal parts, is made entirely of paper, to ensure simple and correct recycling. For the same reason, we have chosen not to protect the box with cellophane. The paper we use is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, to guarantee its origin from responsibly managed forests, and is recyclable.

All this to respect and promote the social and ecological needs of present and future generations.

The creation of a formula is a matter of science, but the experience of a perfume is emotion. Set - and scent - the scene with timeless elegance and olfactive style.

LabSolue Home Perfumes distinctive design is inspired by the original Marvin brand apothecary amber-glass bottles.

The Perfumer

Mathilde Bijaoui

Mathilde Bijaoui was born in Paris to a French mother and a North African father. Since a young age she had a diverse range of influences, especially her fathers cooking. This introduced her to her first experience with fragrances as she smelled all the fruits, aromatics and herbs. At 13 she visited Osmothèque and discovered lsipca. After studying chemistry she attended lsipca and has been creating perfumes ever since.

“And there came a day when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. Anaïs Nin

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