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LabSolue presents its olfactory celebration of Thyme.

Sense the spontaneity and vitality of the Thyme scent on the Mediterranean coastline. Deriving its name from the Greek for both "perfume" and "courage", a quality that would awaken in those who smell its unmistakable aroma. In ancient times, in fact, it was used to bring bravery and vigor to soldiers. Instinctive and tenacious, with minute gray-green leaves, white, pink, or purple shy buds and thin woody stems, Thyme has conquered the Mediterranean islands with indomitable spirit and strength.

An Essence characterized by Thyme, fluctuating between green, aromatic, wild notes, the mineral blend of sea and salt, and a balsamic touch of Labdanum.

Curiosity: it is an undemanding plant, it grows on rocky soil and requires very little water; beaten by the sun, it returns the heat and cosmic energies that nourished it. Considered useful in moments of tiredness or stress, to strengthen both mentally and physically, healing spiritual wounds and restoring vital energy. In aromatherapy, it improves mood, reinvigorates the spirit and gives support in case of apathy or fear.

Aromatic Courage by Fabrice Pellegrin
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For every Eau de Parfum and Home Perfume purchased, we offer a complimentary LabSolue scented sample.


We offer a complimentary gift wrap and tag


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Olfactive family & pyramid
Olfactory Family: Aromatics
Specification: Aromatic Marine Ambery

Notes: Thyme, Calone, Labdanum

Natural Ingredients: Thyme, Labdanum
Contains: One home perfume refill. Please note that the reeds are not included.

Instructions: For use with LabSolue 309 Timo (Thyme) Home Perfume diffuser, sold separately. Remove the reeds from your diffuser. Open the refill and pour all the perfume from the refill into your diffuser. Insert back all the reeds in the diffuser. Turn them upside down every day or anytime you desire to increase the intensity of the diffusion. LabSolue diffuser is endlessly refillable.
Complimentary Gift Wrap
Complimentary gift wrap: Each LabSolue Home Perfume Refill is presented in an elegant ivory white box, wrapped in a textured paper sleeve featuring heat-embossed decorations. The box is tied with a shiny colored satin ribbon and finished with the iconic LabSolue tag, customizable with a handwritten message to complete the gift.

A gift from us: For each Home Perfume Refill purchased, we offer a complimentary LabSolue surprise scented sample. A little treat for perfume lovers with a curious nose.
Good to know
LabSolue 309 Timo (Thyme) Home Perfume Refill is handcrafted in Italy. For us, Made in Italy is not just a choice of excellence, but also a commitment to the community.

The fragrance is vegan, and gender-free. For its formulation we exclusively select and use alcohol grain-derived from European sources. It does not contain artificial colorants, its color is due solely to the natural ingredients of the essence.

The fragrance is enclosed in an amber glass bottle with a screw cap. Both are recyclable.

The packaging, including the external and internal parts, is made entirely of paper, to ensure simple and correct recycling. For the same reason, we have chosen not to protect the box with cellophane. The paper we use is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, to guarantee its origin from responsibly managed forests, and is recyclable.

All this to respect and promote the social and ecological needs of present and future generations.

All LabSolue Home Perfumes, faithfully hand-crafted in Italy, are made with responsibly sourced materials and designed to be endlessly refillable.

Fall in love with your favourite Essence and refill your diffuser comfortably at home, again and again.

The Perfumer

Fabrice Pellegrin

With a perfumer father, a Jasmin picker grandmother and a supplier for naturals for perfumery grandfather, Fabrice Pellegrin has perfumery in his veins. Born and raised in Grasse, the perfumer is still inspired by the destination. He is reminiscent of olive and cypress tress, open spaces, the sun and friends and family living at a steady pace. Raw material sourcing is of utmost relevance to Pellegrin and he divides his time between Paris and Grasse.

“Nothing is more memorable than a scent". Diane Ackerman

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