Our hand cleansing line LabSolue 15 "Lavanda"

Our hand cleansing line LabSolue 15 "Lavanda"

Infused with lavender essence – from the latin word lavare meaning to wash, clean, purify - and enriched with a blend of natural ingredients, our formulas are designed to cleanse your hands leaving them beautifully hydrated and perfumed.


Our timeless and all-time favourite Essence LabSolue 15 Lavanda (Lavender) brings you to the endless and sun-kissed lavender fields, to their first summer flowering with their elegant blue color and enchanting aroma, giving life to LabSolue Hand Care products.

Venerated for its regenerating qualities since antiquity, the name of this plant originates from the Latin verb lavare meaning to wash, to clean, to purify. Lavender owes its name to the Romans, who used it in bathwater. Over the centuries it has also been used in perfumery and cosmetics for its good action on the
skin. Its plant extract contains tannins, flavonoids, caffeic acid derivatives; the essential oil works both as a natural antiseptic and as a soothing and calming agent.

Infused with Essence of pure Barreme Purple Lavender, combined with fresh notes of Nutmeg and refined Vetiver Haiti and enriched with a blend of natural ingredients, our formulas are made to cleans your hands by giving your skin relief and leaving them beautifully perfumed.

LabSolue 15 Lavanda hand care line includes:


Hand Cleansing Gel - Cleansing, purifying, comforting; this iconic no-rinse hydroalcoholic cleansing gel freshens and sanitizes the hands, while leaving the skin hydrated, soft and delicately scented. It is made of 80% pure European ethyl alcohol that kills germs and bacteria, of pure barreme purple lavender essential oil that purifies and regenerates, and it is enriched with glycerin and vitamine E that moisturize your hands without leaving them sticky. It comes in a 480 ml amber glass bottle, in a 200 ml amber plastic bottle or in a travel size 75 ml amber plastic bottle. All the formats come with their corresponding screw caps.

Liquid Hand Soap - Gentle, soothing, repairing; this liquid soap gently cleanses and purifies the hands, providing relief and restoring their softness leaving the skin healty, balanced and scented. It comes in a 200 ml amber plastic bottle with a screw cap.

LabSolue respects the use of natural ingredients, their richness, and their genuine qualities. All the formulas of our Hand Care line are vegan, made with natural and sustainable ingredients, they are cruelty-free and dermatologically tested. Our products are formulated without ingredients that are potentially harmful to human health and to the environment. Moreover, they don't contain mineral oils, petrolates, aluminum and its salts, ingredients of animal origin, parabens, cyclic silicones, SLS, TEA/DEA. As a perfume brand, we choose to have signature fragrances as an important part of the sensory experience that our bath, body and hand products offer.

The packaging takes inspiration from the historical and iconic Marvin bottle and its cap engraved with the symbol of the brand: a tiny alembic with the letter m. Each product comes in a safe, practical and easy-to-carry package, with a plastic bottle and its screw cap. Both the bottle and the cap are made in Italy from recycled plastic and can be recycled again after the product has been completely used.

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